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Inspiration And Motivation Making A Difference

Often, finding inspiration and motivation are the difference makers between sitting on the couch in front of the tv or actually doing something that will carry the day.

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Where I Found My Inspiration

Sometimes, it takes a little nudge, maybe a book, magazine or audio that gives you a perspective that you had never seen before. This is why people tell network marketers to keep investing in courses to better themselves. Sometimes, one little snippet of information could be completely life changing. Part of that is inspiration, but it also includes motivation. I found my inspiration in a little audio by Ray Higdon and thanks to a couple of parts of that audio and a couple of carefully placed phrases, I am now 4 months smoke free, working out and training to run in the 2014 marathon in New York. The question is, have you found your inspiration?

inspiration The Difference Between Motivation And Inspiration

Ok, so here is where it gets a little bit, albeit not very complex. Motivation is defined as the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Inspiration is the generation of the idea in your mind that feeds motivation. Now, the reason that I tell you to read stuff and listen to stuff or watch stuff is simple. You may have a great imagination, but ultimately, we are a product of the things that we view and learn.

It is VERY important that you find your inspiration for no other reason than your own motivation.

If you never feed your motivation with inspiration to do something, you will be that tv watcher and maybe you may watch me with 30,000 other runners crossing the Verrazano Narrows Bridge running the marathon. Do you want to be a watcher or a doer? It can be anything that you are motivated to do.

You could find inspiration to try a new method to build your home business.

You could find inspiration to invent your own recipe for some type of creation.

Maybe you are inspired to paint a landscape or build something nice.

Maybe you can even find inspiration to master something that gave you struggles thoughout life!

It is all up to you, but you should use a combination of your imagination and your past learning experiences to bring out the best in yourself, EVEN IF YOU THINK IT MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE!

With this said, I hope you find your inspiration, but if you would like help, my contact information is on the top right of this site.


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Personal Development - Goal Setting

personal development

You can feel amazing power if you take personal development seriously.

I want to share with you my progress with my personal development. Things started as a rocky road, but now I see improvement every single day and I love it.

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My Personal Development And Some Life Changes

If you have been reading this blog, you know that my personal development includes quitting smoking, overcoming fear of speaking to people and the ability to get things up on this blog without caring what anybody thinks. Personal development is all about increasing value in yourself. If you want to build a strong network marketing business, the only way to do that is to provide value to the people that you view as your prospects. This blog for example contains information that people can read for free that other gurus often sell.

So how about that? Does that make somebody like yourself want to come back every time I have something to share? Maybe, but my odds are far better than if I did not do it. With that said, let us look deeper into lifestyle changes.

Getting rid of the unattractive things in your personal development quest…

My personal development quest has led me to one powerful thing. A well known individual in the network marketing industry told me through his work to stop procrastinating and overcome that fear. 48 hours later, I puffed the last drag of a cigarette, extinguished it and gave it up forever. To this day, I am smoke free and that is now over 90 days.

It was also quite unattractive to be living a sedentary lifestyle, so I decided that I needed to get up and join a gym. I started working out and feel so much better.

Personal development also led me to give up the bad food that is not good for you. The funny thing is that I find the food that I am eating now to be far more enjoyable. It is amazing how great good food tastes when you are not ruining the flavor by cigarette breath and get hungry to refuel after a good workout. And…

An added benefit is all the great people that I meet at the gym or at restaurants known for preparing healthy food.

The question for you now is…

How serious are you? If you are… I would love to help where I can, because my life has changed profoundly this year.

Part of personal development is spending time with people like yourself who work towards living better lives.

With that said, I want to invite you to ask me any questions below in the comments section. Keep the conversation going if you want to do any number of things. If you want to quit smoking, lose weight, eat better, talk to more people in your business, than you care enough about your personal development for me to care too.


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Dan Kennedy and The Ultimate Sales Letter

dan kennedyToday, we are going to talk about author, Dan Kennedy and what he brings to the table for those looking to build their network marketing businesses or generate more sales through effective writing.

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Dan Kennedy – Who Is He?

Ok, you are wondering why I am writing about this individual. For those of you who consistently read this blog, you understand that I tend to edify those that bring value to the marketplace. Well, Dan Kennedy fits the mold in a similar way to the methods of Ray Edwards. Have you ever received junk mail that you felt extremely compelled to read? Did it engage you to the point where every single word that you read made you envision enjoyment of whatever the author was presenting? If you say yes to that, you may have run across the work of one of the readers of Dan Kennedy.

Living in Pheonix, AZ, Dan Kennedy has spent two decades writing sales letters for business. He speaks before thousands of people every year and has a wide audience.

The Ultimate Sales Letter By Dan Kennedy

This book, available on Amazon, starts before you even write your first word and continues all the way to the point where you are ready to lick the envelope or click send.

Take Dan Kennedy To Heart.

He is wildly successful and if you are looking to generate leads, direct mail can be very effective, but even more, after you have generated the leads, you want to have the ability to convert those leads into sales. This book plainly does exactly this. I took advice from Ray Higdon to look into this book and I am happy to this day that I have.

The question is…

will you?

Do you want to CONVERT more sales?

Do YOU want to engage your readers?

Do you immensely desire to win BIG with the power of the written word?

Do you want to be able to write your own ticket any time you want?

The price is minimal to be able to build a lifetime of income based on having the ability to master the written word with ease. This book makes it possible for ANYONE to succeed. Click the picture above to get your copy of The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy.


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EPX Body Review

Many people have been asking about EPX Body both from a product standpoint and from a business perspective. This blog post should give you enough information to make an informed decision.

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EPX Body As A Company

EPX Body is still fairly new in the network marketing world. They started over one year ago, but not much more than one year ago, EPX Body started distributing nutritional products world wide. The main focus for many involved from a product standpoint are the people focused on losing weight. Futher areas of wellness include a powerfully researched daily supplement based off seaweed, a garlic based immune product, cardiovascular protection, body detoxification and more. The company is relatively narrow in scope, but effective in quality.

EPX Body also offers people a way to earn extra money and potentially a significant enough amount to replace a job, save for retirement and more. The fact that the niche of health and wellness is so big is the driving force for distributors. With so many harmful foods out there and environmental health risks, it is a wonder why more people have yet to capitalize on this niche.

epx bodyProducts And Compensation For EPX Body

There are a few targeted products that EPX Body offers. Here is a list.

  • Burn: one of the weight loss products that work so well.
  • Cardio: designed to protect y0ur inner workings such as blood vessels and heart. Heart disease is one if the biggest killers so any effort to protect against the threats of heart disease are the right course to take.
  • Daily: based off seaweed and far more powerful than land vegetables, this product is designed to support detoxification, the liver, cellular health and more. This product is a cornerstone for maintaining your youth.
  • Detox Tea: The perfect way to start losing weight is to thoroughly detox and boost liver function. Toxins found in the liver slow down the production of compounds that are designed to bind to fat in the body before it hits the bloodstream. People have been known to lose 5 pounds in their first 5 days on this product and find it far easier to shed more pounds with a clean liver.
  • Enhance: YES YOU HEARD IT. EPX Body has a sexual enhancement product for both men and women that will ensure you to be ready when the time is right!
  • Immune: based off science around garlic, ester-C and beta-glucan, this product is designed to support the immune system and protect against that nagging flu season.
  • Nourish: EPX Body offers a power packed meal replacement shake. There is no soy or artificial sweeteners and it packs a punch replacing meals for those wanting to skip a meal for weight loss or for those building muscle, it provides ample vitamins, minerals and protein.
  • Nutri-thin: This is an amazing product in capsule form. This product will raise metabolism and provide instant benefit. This product is what sells the business to people looking to lose weight, because you feel it right away within the first 24 hours of using it.
  • Restore: A spray supplement that is designed to reduce the effects of the environment on aging. A powerful packed spray of ingredients.
  • Thrive: An energy drink that tastes great and has none of the bad things that you find in a typical energy drink. L-arganine is one of the ingredients and studies have shown that this increases cardiovascular health.

Here is a look into the EPX Body opportunity.

  • 4×5 forced matrix plan. For those that do not understand what a matrix is, it is not a big deal. It means that you are paid from different levels below you in your organization and in some cases from people that you did not directly sponsor.
  • Check match bonuses 5 levels deep in your personal geneology. This is powerful, because your leaders will generate a sizable income for you. All you need to do is find a few leaders and you are set. Of course, this does depend on talking to enough people.
  • 40% fast start bonus on all personals. This is where it pays to keep on recruiting, because that is the largest individual fast start bonus in this industry.
  • Rank bonuses: No need to be specific here, but many of them are very large. When you view the site and get to the compensation plan, you will see that the top bonus is $500,000 for hitting the final rank advancement..
  • EPX Body has criteria for guaranteed income. Qualification for guaranteed income is very low.
  • EPX Body also offers to pay you for losing weight up to $500 as part of their challenge.

I don’t feel that it is very important to overly explain all that information here, but as you can see, it is a powerful business model that is worthy of the time spent. The fast start bonus on the first order alone is enough to generate an income if you are aggressive, but the residual is the long term income stability that all people crave.

To find out more information about EPX Body, click the picture above or contact me with the information on the right side of this website.


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Blog Content - VSL Returned

Today, I want to give you some blog content which is about of all things… Writing blog content that makes your readers want to come back to your site to learn more things or get more information out of you. If you are struggling with generation of leads or sales from your blog, this may help you if you take the time to apply it in your posts.

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Blog Content And Value

In the past, we spoke about value, sincerity and leadership. The truth of the matter is, you would be surprised where you can find value that your readers want. Blog content generation comes from being able to take ideas that you have read and put them in your own words so you can relate to others. That is how to apply blogging to lead generation in the network marketing industry or how to sell books on Amazon through your blog or anything else.

The number one thing that your blog content should portray is value. Without value, is somebody coming to your blog simply because it looks nice? Will they come back because it is pretty? I doubt it. People are looking for what is in it for them every time they click something unless specifically, they are looking for a news article to get the days events.

Giving value in your blog content through sincerity and leadership.

Let’s start with sincerity. Just like any sales letter or anything that you write advertising a product, consider the following things.

  • Is the experience real to you?
  • Does it show your pain that you had before you solved your problem?

If you can identify with the reader of the blog posts that you make, your blog content will be a close enough match of what they are really feeling at the time they are reading to the things that you went through before you found a workable solution to the problem. That is what will keep them reading your whole post.

Moving onto leadership, remember, you were the first one to take a particular step that your reader did not take. And because of that, you are ahead of them and where they would like to be with regards to a particular problem. Your blog content should be reflective of how you got from having that problem to how the solution was achieved and what it gained for you.

So What Did My Blog Content Get Me?

Good question. My blog content got me not explosive growth to date, because this blog is still fairly new, but it is an asset that keeps growing every time I post or approve one of your comments. It generated some revenue from sales of affiliate products, got me a couple of people who wanted to learn blogging and got me 2 people in my downline for my primary company. I have some people from direct communication with others, but without the blog, I would have a smaller business right now. With that said, I want to let you know that when you are writing blog content, you need not worry about what to say. Use blog content to offer solutions to problems for your readers.

I want to take this chance to introduce you to a master in this field. His name is Ray Higdon. What does Ray teach? Well, as the top blogger in network marketing, Ray lays out everything including how to write blog content. His course, Pro Blog Academy will teach you exactly what you need to know about blog content.

blog content

So now that you know about blog content and a few of the finer points, here is the next and ONLY course of action to take. Grab your copy of Pro Blog Academy today.

Click here to get your copy of Pro Blog Academy.

Oh and by the way, just for filling out the form for more information, you will be offered an awesome webinar presented by Ray for free before you make any purchase.

Make the most out of writing effective blog content today!


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MLM Scam - Fact Or Fiction?

Often, network marketers are confronted with the mlm scam theory by those that have little knowledge of the inner workings of any particular company or the way it operates.

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mlm scamMLM Scam – Is It A Fact Or Is It Fiction?

Ask yourself who you want to listen to. It is the guy who works a low wage job and is struggling to keep food on the table at his own home or do you want to listen to people who have success? Every time you here somebody think ‘they know’ that you are involved in a pyramid scheme or an mlm scam, they are trying to take away your power. Do not let them if you are a network marketer. The facts are on your side. Perception may not be all the time.

Here are some words that have been used to describe an mlm scam.

  • pyramid scheme
  • cult
  • ponzi scheme
  • ripoff
  • illegal business
  • get rich quick schemes

Ok, so now we aired out the dirty laundry. Let’s wash it.

None of these words substantiate an mlm scam.

Ok, stop listening to your brother in law that gets off work every morning from a graveyard shift. Generally speaking, he is the person at the bottom of the picture above. Has he seen success? Sure, to a degree. He maintains a job that just barely covers his standard of living. Is that what you want or do you want to let him steal your dreams? Do you understand that he will never be the one at the top of the picture? Generally speaking, it is rare to see negative and toxic people at the top of that picture in corporate America.

Second off, what business lets you in at a low start-up cost, sometimes under $100 to get in the door? Seriously!

Third off, yes I will continue a rant. Do you think this negative individual will ever work his way to the top levels of that particular company?

Fourth, when does he get to retire with some security? Chances are that he will be a part of the “work til you drop” club. That is a much scarier proposition than investing $100 of your hard earned replaceable income to test the waters to see that it is better on the other side. Seriously, are you afraid of losing $100. Ask the owner of a brick and mortar that goes out of business if he or she was scared of spending tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to open their business only to shut the doors in bankruptcy.

Those that cry mlm scam are dream thieves.

They may not intend that to be the case, but it is. They often leave you with a negative taste in your mouth and hope that they get to be right in any conversation. Stop listening to the boy who cried wolf or the boy that cried mlm scam as they say it.


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Local Blogs - Why A Small Business May Love Your Business

Local blogs can be a look into a particular individual or landmark that sees a number of people, but it can also be the opinions of individuals reviewing a particular business.

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Using Local Blogs For Building Relationships

One of the biggest things that you can do as an insurance agent, a realtor, a car salesman, a local pizza guy, network marketer or somebody in just about any service field can be to establish a great relationship with your community. The best people to relate to often are the business owners who appreciate the value of exposure for their business without having to spend big dollars on advertising.

local blogsLocal blogs are a way to offer free exposure to members of your local business community and build that relationship. It literally takes you 15 minutes sitting down with a business owner to get a few photos of their business emailed to you and what kind of things they want to say about the things they offer to their customers. You can add your own flair, give them a post with some pictures of their business and you can review them on Google+ and more.

Why Use Local Blogs For Building Relationships?

The answer to this question is simple and you may find it annoying to take an hour per day to do this, but the returns that you will see will come back to you ten fold in your community. If you post about a business owner’s restaurant or store, you will undeniably get thanked, but if you are a network marketer, that business owner may consider your business simply because they value a low overhead business. Remember. Many of these business owners spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to start their business. Not only that, the local blogs give you a presence in your community where you can be very subtle about making money from home in the way that you write your posts.

Local Blogs are a real lead generator.

The idea here obviously is to create a level of cooperation and mutual prosperity. The more that you publicize a local business, the more value that your local hangouts have for your business. It keeps the giant corporate people at bay, because people are given the option to go where they know, like and trust the person selling them something. That leaves you a larger base of your own community to speak to without having to work as hard to find the people to talk to. They will come to you. Business owners and individuals who make their living locally by offering anything will want more business. These local blogs are designed to help them.


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How To Set Up Your MLM Blog

Many people are often scared off from setting up their mlm blog, but there really is no reason for that. Often, the right mentoring is what does it for most people.

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Why An MLM Blog?

This is a pretty simple thing for me to explain to you. An mlm blog serves one purpose but provides many more benefits that are not the original intent. The main benefit is personal branding. Now, if you are marketing on Facebook, you probably can relate, but a blog is even more unique to yourself than your Facebook profile, because you have complete control. An mlm blog does the following things for you.

  1. It grows in size as you post, add images, pages and videos to show more about you.
  2. It offers more interactivity than regular html websites through social sharing.
  3. It is different than every other site on the web because you can customize it for your own brand.
  4. It can work for ANY niche. You can sell virtually anything through a blog.
  5. You can rant and rave about whatever you want.
mlm blog

Pro Blog Academy is perhaps the best training that money can buy, Free video just for taking a look.

Where Can You Learn How To Set Up A Quality MLM Blog?

This mlm blog is based around my own principles and some techniques that I have picked up over the years, but most of them recently from friend and mentor, Ray Higdon.

With this said, do you really want to get started right? I bet you do. Click here.

After you check it out and have a look, get in touch with me, because there is a lot of great information left open to interpretation. Any help I can give, feel free to ask. My contact information is on the right side of this blog.

Do you want the branding of your own MLM blog?

The power of your own brand can be life changing. It will allow you to have the biggest impact on the market while you are away from your computer. Your mlm blog will continue to work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year once your posts are up and shared.

You will be surprised. I have seen sales come in from an old blog a year after a particular post went up. That is perhaps one of the hidden benefits that you will not see right away. In the immediate future, it is about getting a solid web presence with things to share on social media. It allows you to pick up likes, shares and much more.

Click above to learn from an icon in the network marketing industry on how to set up a successful mlm blog that generates revenue for you year round.


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Positive Words And A Bloodhound

I want to leave you today with some positive words when you say you cannot do something that you may just believe you cannot when deep down, you know you can.

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Negatives First. Realize Em and Positive Words Come

I  would like to give you a warning first on this one. You may find humor in this and start laughing uncontrollably. Ok, probably not, but do not say that I did not warn you.

Positive WordsThis is a story that I have heard and I don’t remember exactly how it goes, but I do remember the finer points of this story.  The positive words that come out of this story are the most important thing that can come out of reading this post.

The first time that I heard this story, it led me to give up smoking cigarettes, perhaps one of the more difficult things to give up.

So here is the negative that led me to my positive words.

A traveling salesman is on the road visiting businesses across the country selling business equipment to shop owners. He is an eager individual and makes it a point to go into every business in any given area. So he stops at a general store in the middle of nowhere.

As the eager chap walks into the store, he looks towards a man sitting at the counter when out of the background a big moan comes out of the mouth of an old bloodhound laying in the corner.

“Rawr, rawr, rawr”, the dog whines and moans in distress, “rawr, rawr, rawr.”

Curiously, the salesman asks the owner of the general store, “what is wrong with your dog?”

The store owner relies…

Oh, that there is Old Blue… Old Blue comes to work with me every single day and lays down in the same spot every day. There is however, a rusty nail sticking up out of the floor just enough to dig into him to annoy him. It is not sticking out enough to make him move, the poor thing, but it is enough to make him moan all day.

So my question to you is, “are you old blue?” I paid for the information that told me this story. I paid to learn that I was not uncomfortable enough to be motivated to act.

So here are some positive words to hopefully inspire you to stop being comfortable.

Ok, maybe you say you are uncomfortable. Sure, maybe you fear the pain that comes with quitting smoking, losing weight, changing your habits, talking to more people to build your business if you are network marketer or more.

By being comfortable, I mean that you are comfortable in misery.

Only you can decide how uncomfortable you are. Do you accept your situation like Old Blue or do you realize that it is time to get up and move. If you say that you will do something sometime in the future, you may as well say never. I said sometime for a lot of years and what did it get me? It took me the time spent until I listened to positive words on audio to quit smoking.

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